Weixi Zeng

White Winter Traveler

This was a photography project done at SVA that spanned from March to April of 2015. I went out every weekend during that period of time in search for cityscapes in NYC that are fresh and unique. Also through this project, you can see an illusive reflection of NYC's landscape evolving from a harsh, drenched winter to a lush, youthful early spring.

White Winter Traveler


The winter of 2014 happened to be one of the coldest period of time North America have ever experienced in recent years. As majority of the land was covered in snow, New York and Boston all had suffered through several brutal snowstorms.

From December 2014, to early spring 2015; I've traveled to cities scattered across the continent. For me, seeing this land in snow is a whole new experience. Especially on a flight gazing over far-stretching cities and vast landscapes. Winter and snow certainly has give my pictures an unique feel that I've never felt before. 


2014.12.24 - 2014.12.30

So far my favourite city in North America. A place where nature seamlessly merge and co-exist with urban landscapes. Crisp ocean waves washing up hints of the warm pacific ocean, and soothing clouds rolling over snow peaked mountains.



2015.02.19 - 2015.02.21

I have been to Boston several times before. That winter, Boston was hit by a terrible snowstorm, which made everything looked adventurous and mystic. I decided to embark on a short weekend trip to Boston so that I have a chance to record what's been going on during that hard period of time.



2015.03.03 - 2015.03.07

My first time in Wind city, it was early March, but winter in Chicago was a long-lasting stubborn fighter that wouldn't leave me and everyone else in this city alone from freezing wind and slushy streets.


New York

In between my trips that winter, I always had to get back to where I live: New York City. Bright pure snow has turned part of this city into scenes that were so surreal.



Cameras used: 
Canon Rebel SL1, iPhone 6

Full list of cities I've traveled to that winter:
Philadelphia, Toronto, Vancouver, Denver, Boston, Chicago