Graphic Design / Motion Graphics

2017 SVA Motion Portfolio Screening

2017 SVA Motion Graphics
Portfolio Screening

Show title, motion graphics package and identity design

Designed with:
Luke Guyer

Creative Direction:
Ori Kleiner

Sound Design:
Ryan Claus

May 2017

The opening title and the collateral identity system for the 2017 SVA Motion Portfolio Screening were designed to illustrate a journey — both literally and figuratively. Graphic elements like suitcases with tags, luggage belts, and street signs with city names were integrated into the opening title. This underlying storyline also resonates with SVA’s international population and its special status as a leader of design education in a city where the world converges. We hope as the title wraps up, anyone watching would feel a sense of belonging, and share this moment of fruition with the graduating class.

Early Style Frames:

Story Boards:

3D Modelling process:

Show title type design evolution:

Theatre poster designs:

Theatre Loop: