Graphic Design / Motion Graphics

2017 SVA Motion Portfolio Screening

2017 SVA Motion Graphics Portfolio Screening Show Package



Winner of 2017 Adobe Design Achievement Awards


This year I had a great opportunity to design a show package for SVA's annual motion graphics portfolio screening. This is the biggest event for motion graphics graduates every year and a great challenge to tackle together with my friend Luke Guyer. Together we created the first ever show opener completely rendered in 3D.

The goal of the opener was to illustrate a journey, both literally and conceptually. Elements that resonate with SVA's big international population are present throughout the opener. We hoped that in the end the audience will feel a sense of belonging and a mindset of getting ready for the show.



Art Direction, Design and Animation: Luke Guyer, Weixi Zeng
Creative Direction: Ori Kleiner
Sound Design: Ryan Claus 
Photography: Nicholas Drew, Justin Mulroy

Watch the entire show with student works here:


Early Style Frames:


Story Boards:


3D Modelling process:


Show title type design evolution:


Event poster designs:


Theatre Loop: