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1984: Principles of Newspeak

1984: Principles of Newspeak

How does this fictional language work in Orwell’s famous fiction?

Hyesung Park

Music by:
Bersarin Quartett

Typeface Used:
Nitti PX, Saracen, Newzald, Warschau

March 2017

Recognized by TDC Certificate of Typographic Excellence.
Featured in the TDC 64 Exhibition and the Typography 39 Annual.
Bronze Cube winner of 2018 ADC Young Ones Awards.

In his novel 1984, George Orwell included an appendix that explained a fictional language called "Newspeak" created by the totalitarian government. Often neglected by readers of 1984, this guide is now more relevant than ever in a world full of government censorships and endless lies.