Graphic Design / Motion Graphics

On the Edge of Normal

On the Edge of Normal

Identity System Design for 2019 RISD MFA Graphic Design Biennial

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March 2019


The 2019 MFA Graphic Design Biennial responds organically and generously to work from the past two years like a string of acronyms. We named the show “OtEoN — On the Edge of Normal” to exaggerate the curatorial gesture, collapsing the many facets of graphic design into one.

Throughout the curation and identity design process, we refrained from predetermining the “not normal,” instead, we strived to create instances for the work to intuitively speak for themselves.

Restrained by a budget limit ($0), the act of abbreviation carried into devising cost-effective collateral materials. Many breakthroughs were made largely thanks to the looming budget and time constraint: We developed a Modular Poster Display System that only required free printing on letter and tabloid sized color papers. We also eliminated the need to put up wall labels in the gallery; instead, catalogue booklets were designed for navigating the exhibition. Motion graphics also performed an essential role in amplifying the acronyms and broadcasting the show on various platforms. “OtEoN” was not only a showcase for what’s been done, but it also functioned as a testing ground for new approaches to exhibition and identity design.


The modular poster display system adapts to every nook and corner around campus.


Gallery lobby with a projected animation that augments the traditional vinyl wall title.
⟶ Featuring work from Sophie Loloi and Robert McConnell.


Multi-colored printed gallery guide serve as a navigational tool for the show, eliminating the need to install wall labels in the gallery.


Public-facing gallery wall design:
⟶ Featuring PVD signboards by Joel Kern.


The ident for digital works on monitor screens work in unison with the numberings of individual entries.

To try solving the confusion many viewers have with a series of videos compiled on the same gallery monitor, I designed an auxiliary animated UI which flanks the video content. Each number references the exhibition catalogue, while the superscripts represent the author for each work. The upcoming video slowly inch toward the current number on top, replacing it as one work ends and another begins.
⟶ Featuring work by Goeun Park.